Focus Areas

We have categorized our focus areas in six innovative strands. They are People, Local Government, Environmental Law, Economic Development, Safeguarding and European Law.


We believe that an enlightened society should focus on just relationships to safeguard consitutional and civil rights. To achieve this, we committ to the protection of human dignity, equal opportunities, common resources and of the most disenfranchised in society. In light of this we focus on::

  • Human, civil and social rights
  • Property rights
  • Workers’ rights (public and private sector)

Local Government

We believe that a healthy balance between freedom and authority is intrinsically linked to the knowledge and application of education and political law. This balance is reached through fostering democratic participation, overcoming bureaucratic obstacles and reaching mutually beneficial solutions. In light of this we focus on the following areas:

  • Constitutional law
  • Election law
  • Public organisations legislation
  • Administrative legislation
  • State property and public service allocation
  • Healthcare
  • Education and Universities
  • Record and book keeping procedures
  • Public companies and subsidiaries

Environmental Law

We are committed to raising awareness around environmental protection as we firmly believe the environment to be a common resource to be accessed sustainably. It is however pivotal to maintain a balance between environmental protection and controlled social and economic use of environmental resources; in this light we focus on environmental protection, cultural heritage and urban and industrial planning, with an eye to the following areas:

  • Environmental law
  • Energy
  • Urban development
  • Building sector
  • Expropriation Law
  • Evaluation and implementation of plans and projects

Economic Development

In order for a system to be balanced in term of its structure and processes, freedom of entrerprise and complete transparency of all financial and business relations are key. In this light we focus on public and private contracts, firm law, business and financial transactions and debt recovery law (from public and private organisations), specialising in the following areas:

  • Private and public contracts relating to public works, services and supplies
  • Project finance
  • Establishment of trade companies
  • Professions


Safeguarding private and pblic rights, to be achieved through fair trials, is pivotal to an illuminated society where cultural, social and economic progress fluorishes. In light of this, we practice the safeguard of rights thoroughly and efficiently through pre-litigation and arbitration settlement procedures, including precautionary legal proceedings for civil, administrative and accounting law. We have vast experience in the following fields:

  • Transactions and arbitration
  • Precautionary proceedings
  • Administrative rulings
  • Civil rulings
  • Labour rulings
  • Financial rulings

European Law

We believe that the poor safeguard of rights intrinsic to the Italian system can be overcome through European law and conventions, with the aim to unite European people not only on a financial and economic level, but also in terms of political and civil rights. In light of this we focus on human rights, welfare funds and market control, with an eye to the following areas:

  • European Convention
  • EU treaties and regulations
  • European Court of Justice
  • Allocation of EU funds
  • Immigration law

Traning and PR

We have always believed in the importance of communication, as it is key to practicing law, both in terms of relationships with private clients and with state organisations. In light of this we have created a website focusing on legal knowledge and practice, which has become a key resource for the whole legal community, and a legal news site to which many of our professionals lend their knowledge and expertise.

Our resources: website